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Does The Gleaner have a gay agenda?

Published:Friday | June 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The management of The Gleaner Company knows fully well that the paper boasts the widest readership in the country and exerts a lot of influence on the thinking population.

It is, therefore, to be regretted that The Gleaner, through its editorial, misses no opportunity to exploit the reach of the newspaper to establish itself as a reliable and consistent apologist for homosexual lifestyle (for example, the editorial of Sunday, April 3, 2012). This crusade by The Gleaner to get homosexuality accommodated in the cultural fabric of this country would not be so tragic if credible denials of established tenets and conventions against the practice were forthcoming.

Instead, The Gleaner's editorial is on a mission to vilify the Jamaican people for what it sees as their 'backwardness' that is reflected in their refusal to join their more 'enlightened' North American and European brothers and sisters who, it claims, have largely accepted same-sex unions.

Painful move

The question that I would like to put to The Gleaner is this: Since when are enlightenment and scholarship defined by one's willingness to capitulate to ideologies that are sponsored by nations and peoples whose history is replete with some of the worst forms of cruelty to humanity, moral decadence, and the disintegration of family life?

It is very obvious that The Gleaner's editorial is finding it very painful to sever the bond that binds it to its former European masters, and is thinking that those of us who are not experiencing that difficulty have foolishly decided to remain in antiquity, where we will never benefit from the enormous spin-offs engendered by the new enlightenment.

But we have news for them: The scholarship and enlightenment that we display are not those that are verbose and pretentious, but are defined by their consistent adherence to practices and doctrines that have proven themselves to be in the best interest of mankind over thousands of generations.