Wed | Jun 16, 2021

Impotent, incompetent politics

Published:Friday | June 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips made some bold decisions in his initial tax package presented to Parliament.

It is most commendable that, amid wide-scale disapprovals of many of the tax measures initially announced, he displayed true pragmatism, reviewed and rescinded a number of these.

Politicians and other public figures often have to face and deal with a lot of criticisms, no matter the course of action they propose or take. Different groups will always be seeking their special advantages and defending their interests. Populist leaders choose to court the majority because no leader will be able to please everybody.

There is always an inherent danger in trying to please everybody. Based on the moral of the story, those who try to please everybody will only increase their burdens and make asses of themselves!

At the same time, however, the irony of politics is that it seems to be the only place where impotence and incompetence can coexist in harmony, to the detriment of the populace.