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Issue: Moving Jamaica Forward

Published:Saturday | June 9, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Peter Phillips addressing Parliament after tabling the Estimates of Expenditure recently.-File

Budgetary accountability, performance critical for progress


Jamaica is in a crisis. As a people, we need to set our priorities straight. What is it that we want for our country? I think it is fair to say we all want to see our little paradise debt free and truly independent.

If we really want to see our country move forward, we need to demand accountability and performance from those we have chosen to lead us.

It is paramount to our future that we desist from exhibiting the kind of double standard we see in our country. What is wrong and unacceptable on one side of the fence should be wrong and unacceptable on the other side also.

Failure not an option

Our politicians should know that performance is what we are paying them for, and failure will not be tolerated. Additionally, they should all know that we take note of what ever they say and will hold them accountable for it. It should be clear party loyalty bears no significance when the job is there to do.

One of the main reasons we change political representation is that a majority decided that they were not pleased with the representation they were being offered. Therefore, it is pointless to give us excuses, as the mandate is for performance, and not to play blame games.

It is time we set our priorities straight, take our hearts out of the equation, and let it be known it is either the job is done right or the position be left vacant so someone else can take over.


Claremont PO

St Ann