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Viewing life from a wide angle

Published:Sunday | June 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Fly (2010).
Kimone Myers
Just Vintage, Colombia (2009).
Dragonfly, Individual Titles (2010)
Iguana (2010)

Amitabh Sharma, Contributor

Inspiration comes in forms and packages, and sometimes at places which may just pass our eyes and imagination. For Kimone Myers, it struck in one of the many trips to the craft market in Colombia, the designs of the crafts and jewellery whipped her imagination. Armed with an 'aim and shoot' digital camera, Myers started exploring the shutterbug in her.

The myriad of ideas for this budding jewellery designer doesn't come from the vastness of the space, but finding intricacy in simple objects. Soon bottles, labels, designs, started developing and framing in her lenses. "I get fascinated by objects," Myers, who's a self-taught photographer, said. "I love to explore details, study an object, like a close-up of a bottle, flowers, scrap metal."

She believes that her photographs highlight the 'not so obvious' and things that "we tend to take for granted".

Colombia, she said, is where she rediscovered the creative and photographer side of her. Myers went to the South American country to teach English after graduating from the University of the West Indies with a degree in business administration.

"I always had an interest in art and photography, and I was with the Camera Club at UWI," Myers informed. That was when digital photography was still evolving, so she was taking photos the old-fashioned way - load the film roll, shoot, and go to the studio to process the film to print copies, a trait she learnt while at school. "We went through the whole process."

Armed with a camera and an eye for detail, Myers started capturing all sorts of shapes into her camera, she did her first exhibition in Colombia in 2009. Her stint of teaching English, which she recalls was an exhilarating experience, extended beyond the
confines of the classroom. "I ended up giving lessons in English to the
taxi man, a co-passenger in the bus or the shopkeeper," she

Myers says that she tries to capture the
many things existing around us in everyday life; whether it is a scenic
panorama, a close-up of something inanimate and 'insignificant' or flora
and fauna in all their glory. "It could be a little object that we see
every day or pass by that looks 'ordinary'," she

The unexpected

Bringing out
the unexpected from such 'insignificant' subjects is where Myers'
strength lies. "Some people find it hard to believe, but none of my work
has been staged or pre-arranged."

But, she confesses,
to give depth and sometimes intrigue to the subjects, she would do
swish 'digital magic' on some of her

Though her imagination goes beyond
boundaries, Myers is choosy on her subjects. "I can't do photos of
people, there's nothing much to explore, this won't be the main part of
my job."

The budding jewellery designer, who is
delving into leather accessories, is combining digital photography
skills with graphic designing. "I love to draw and sketch on paper and
acrylic," she said. "It's details again, macro ... up and

Now back home, Myers is currently pursuing a
job in the hospitality sector, "It might not sound creative, but this
(the job) gives me the leverage to use my graphic-design skills in
designing," she said.

Balancing the professional
pursuits with her creative acumen, Myers is continuing to build her
portfolio. "I want to build a momentum, though I am not taking up
photography full- time, until I can find a reasonable

And till she can branch off to convert her love
and hobby into her full-time profession, Myers says that she will
continue to journey and explore the deeper side of things, and capturing