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Advocates call for suspension to Haitian deportation

Published:Monday | June 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM


A UN human-rights expert and South Florida Haitian rights advocates have renewed calls for the suspension of deportations of Haitians, claiming that their return home may constitute a human-rights violation.

Michel Forst, the UN independent expert on Haiti, said despite repeated pleas, UN member countries are still forcibly returning Haitians to their earthquake-stricken country.

The United States has led the way in deporting Haitians and refusing entry to refugees, sending back 500 Haitians so far this year and stopping thousands more making the hazardous sea pilgrimage to Florida on makeshift vessels, experts have said.

In direct contrast, the US maintains a "wet foot, dry foot" policy of offering temporary residency to Cubans who land on American shores and returning those caught at sea fleeing the socialist government that Washington has opposed for half a century.