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In praise of Danny Williams

Published:Monday | June 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Getting to know R. Danny Williams is likely to change one's life forever. He has a unique capacity to get along with everybody. He readily displays politeness, kindness and is always willing to give a good word of advice. These traits are worthy of emulation as we attempt to have a national transformation for the next 50 years.

Among his other commanding attributes are his punctuality, infatigable capacity for hard work, a nose for detail - truly, a man of integrity and action.

There could have been no better board chairman for Jamaica College at this time of our transformation (2006-2011). Together we have forged a vision of excellence and we have put in place a high-performance team that is unmatched among educational institutions in Jamaica.

Congratulations to Sagicor for naming its head office building in his honour.

Dr the Hon R. Danny Williams is truly an icon. We are all proud to work with him for the good of Jamaica College and Jamaica.


Principal, Jamaica College