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Jamaica Freight and Shipping sings Advantum Agent's praises

Published:Tuesday | June 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Shipping agent Jamaica Freight and Shipping is singing praises for the new software Advantum Port and Agent Manager.

The new software, designed by ADVANTUM (formerly Port Computer Services), was introduced to agents late last year. It replaced the Agent Information System (AGIS).

Christine Johnston, marketing manager at Jamaica Freight, describes the software as a "core part of our business which allows for the automation of processes".

The system, she said, has benefited Jamaica Freight in many ways. "It allows for a shorter processing time for customers, improvement in transaction time at the terminal (Kingston Container Terminals), reduction in printing costs, and the ease of input of information," Johnston said.

Jamaica Freight and Shipping represents four major lines: Jamaica Producers Shipping Services Limited, China Shipping Container Lines, Mitsui Line and Miami Freight and Shipping Company. Information from each line, she pointed out, is sent in different formats and languages and is imported into Advantum Agent, which then translates the information.

Easy to use

Johnston added that the new system is easier to use than the previous and allows for the electronic transfer of information to external customers - Kingston Container Terminals, Jamaica Customs and Assessment Recoveries Limited.

Tracey Malcolm, sales and marketing coordinator at Jamaica Freight, whose role is highly dependent on the software, pointed out that Advantum Agent has facilitated easy access to information received from principals and a faster processing time for external customers.

"It allows for the integration of all functions as it relates to agency operations in a shorter time period, thus allowing us to improve our service to our customers," Malcolm said. "The system does not limit the access to the information by principals, but allows us to check by manifests," she added.

She noted that processing time has been dramatically reduced. Manual processes, she noted, can take up to two hours, compared to five to 10 minutes using Advantum Agent.

Malcolm described the system as being user friendly, with ease of learning and a better user interface.

Advantum Port and Agent Manager is a modular approach to the delivery of solutions. It is built for operation in the port or agent environment, and is a powerful platform to manage operations and drive efficiencies. In a multi-currency environment, manifest information can be inputted manually or imported electronically for retrieval and billing charges, either standard or defined.

The core modules of the software covers: vessel and cargo manifest information; billing and invoicing; gate-pass management; electronic data interchange; warehousing and management reports.