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G2K defended the JLP from media bias

Published:Wednesday | June 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM


It is always a delight to read the editorials from newspapers here and overseas early each and every morning. It comes as no surprise, then, that The Gleaner's editorial of Tuesday, June 12, 2012 sought to land yet another very personal attack on me.

While some of my colleagues would strongly advise that I sit quietly and absorb the hits as par for the course from this somewhat untouchable citadel of Jamaica's Pecksniffian media elite, I frankly refuse to do so.

I make no apologies for defending the previous Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) administration when it came in for the longest and most sustained assault from a few but powerful, conflicted and agenda-driven forces in media.

JLP did well

The JLP made some grave errors in the course of its administration of state affairs, but it performed far better than any other administration in recent history. The torrent of crises, including the food, oil and global economic shocks and the inheritance of a country in bad shape from nearly 19 consecutive years of People's National Party (PNP) rule, did not stop it from gaining substantive achievements in the economic arena.

Nor did the several by-elections, the marginal hold on power in Parliament and the sustained day-and-night propaganda from PNP-aligned forces in some high places diminish the gains made in tourism, education, health and agriculture.

G2K, as a body of young professionals affiliated to the JLP, had no choice but to remind the Jamaican people, amid the propaganda bearers, of the many good and effective policies that were being pursued to bring about much-needed economic and social development over the medium and long term.

The achievements of G2K, year after year, are already known among its now vast and highly qualified membership base here and overseas. Floyd Green will make an excellent president and the organisation will only grow from strength to strength.