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Away with burglar bars!

Published:Wednesday | June 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Dr Beverley Scott, executive director, Family and Parenting Centre.

Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau

Renowned child psychologist in western Jamaica, Dr Beverley Scott, outlined that in its 50 years as an independent nation, Jamaica has come a far way in terms of education and children's rights.

"The rights of children have taken great focus over the past 50 years. As a result of that awareness, there has been less abuse of children. However, we still have a challenge with children being abused in all areas, and that is something I would love to see us continue to work on in eliminating. While aspects of our child-protection systems can be compared with countries around the world there is much more we need to do heading into the next 50 years to improve the system.

"Children today have long surpassed adults in terms of technology that is forcing adults to play catch-up. Academically, we have come a long way with our educational system that is on par with the rest of the world. We have produced some of the finest students who have gone to do great things internationally.

"As we approach another 50 years, I would love to see better planning and organisation go into development in a bid to ensure our safety and security. I'd love to see a time when grilling ourselves inside our homes as a way protection becomes a thing of the past," said Scott.