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Fabric for festivities

Published:Wednesday | June 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

With a mere 49 days to go before August 1, plans for the 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations are rather low-key so far. With all the talk, one would have expected to see stores bulging with special anniversary memorabilia as merchants try to cash in on the once-in-a-lifetime special event. Alas, the negative growth in our economy and the even more lethargic manufacturing sector, no one is rushing to stock up on spoons, mugs, caps, buntings, picture frames, T-shirts or even flags.

And speaking of flags, we checked some fabric stores to see whether adequate supplies of fabric in green, black and gold are in stock and what the prices and textures were, so see the list below.

Flag facts

The national flag should always be used, represented or shown in a dignified manner.

The national flag is said to be defaced when an object is superimposed upon it.

When the image or representation of the flag is being used for advertising, commercial or promotional purpose.

- It should not be defaced by way of printing or illustration or be masked by other objects but should be displayed in a manner which is described as 'aloft and free' whereby all symbolic parts of the flag can be seen.

- It should never have placed on it any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure or drawing of any kind.

- It should be represented in the approved colours - black, gold and green. The flag has a diagonal cross or saltire with four triangles in juxtaposition. The diagonal cross should be in gold, the top and bottom triangles in green and the hoist and fly triangles in black.

When the flag becomes worn or dilapidated and is no longer suitable for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning privately.

LP AZAR Limited

Marescaux Road, St Andrew

Challis: $195 (minimum 20 yards)

Crushed cotton: $180 (minimum 10 yards)

Italian linen: $70 (minimum 50 yards)

Pongee: $80 (minimum 30 yards)

Dacron and cotton: $118 (minimum 30 yards)

Prices do not include GCT

Tel: 926-6525/926-7694

PABLO'S Half-Way Tree, St Andrew

Taffeta: $95 per yard

Dacron and cotton: $149 per yard

Preprinted flag fabric: $395 per yard.

Matte linen: $180 per yard

Tax included

Tel: 754-9895/929-3977


Constant Spring Road, St Andrew

Orange Street, Kingston

Ward Avenue, Mandeville

Cumberland Avenue, Spanish Town

Great George Street, Westmoreland

Pongee (green, black, gold): $350 per yard

Satin: $160 per yard

Dacron and cotton: $220 per yard

Preprinted flag fabric: $80 per yard

Tax included

Tel: 929-3226/922-57253