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Layers of flavour! - Greathouse Gourmet's Pepper Jelly

Published:Thursday | June 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Founders of Greathouse Gourmet Danielle Lee (left) and Tanya Roberts show off their wide array of pepper jellies.
Greathouse Gourmet's pepper jelly
Mixed greens salad with shrimp: Local organic greens topped with shrimp and feta cheese, dressed with Greathouse Gourmet's pepper jelly and drizzled with fresh basil oil. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

 Garfene Grandison, Gleaner Writer

Foodies everywhere will soon have a chance to experience a combined taste of a sweet, soothing flavour with a playful spicy kick as Greathouse Gourmet has launched its line of pepper jellies created with the unparalleled Jamaican Scotch bonnet pepper. Founders of Greathouse Gourmet and long-time friends Danielle Lee and Tanya Pattinson Roberts, although living in South Florida, remained entrenched in the islands culture, diverse and exquisite culinary flavours.

Roberts is an accomplished gourmet chef and caterer and Lee is an attorney at law. On an evening of cocktails and fine foods, Roberts expressed her interest in finding an easy way for novices to create gourmet-style dishes and asked Lee for her guidance.

The brainstorming started there, but the culinary partners experienced a roadblock when they were unable to find the perfect product that provided the combination of "a sweet, soothing flavour with a playful spicy kick" that suited their palates. The obvious next step was to create their own basic jelly recipe and this was done by Stuart Pattinson, Roberts' father and culinary connoisseur. This basic recipe was the foundation that created the perfect starting point to build the layers of flavours that both Roberts and Lee had intended to create as their signature taste.

With their mission to provide quality products utilising the Caribbean's freshest ingredients, the current line consists of nine products, four pepper jelly flavours: mango, hot, guava, and pineapple, four jerk marinade flavours and a pepper sherry seafood sauce. The team behind Greathouse Gourmet utilises authentic Jamaican products exquisitely blended together to produce a flavourful creation that can be used on hors d'oeuvres as a dip or the perfect addition to any sauce. According to Lee, "There was a need for the product because we found that all the other pepper jelly lines were a bit too hard and spicy unless you have a love for that kick." She continued, "We didn't want people who have a softer palate to lose out and we saw where that market wasn't being satisfied, especially in North America and Europe and other brands had left out that subset of the market," she ended.

Classic Jamaican condiment

This one-of-a kind pepper jelly line has taken a classic Jamaican condiment and added a certain flair through a fruit fusion that will transform any dish into a unique gourmet meal. One person shared that he is usually a lover of pepper jelly, but most have more of a peppery taste than anything else, and he finds that this new line creates a balance between peppery and sweet. "That balance," Lee admits, "was what we always wanted to achieve and that is why we came out with this line," she told Food.

The products will be manufactured and available in Jamaica coinciding with the country's 50th year of Indepen-dence. "The timetable that we are really working with is August to tie in with Jamaica 50 and we are working on getting the product in speciality shops such as cafés," she stated.