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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | June 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Where's the justice?

1 There is growing disaffection with what some see as the wheel of justice, moving so painstakingly slow, that the main suspect has not been hauled before the police to answer questions over the suspicious fire and missing laptop.

Time to grow up

2 Not all the fans are happy that at least two medal hopefuls were out partying until the wee hours of the morning with the Olympics being mere weeks away. Some fans are saying they need to grow up and understand the responsibility that comes with their stature and fame.

The search is on

3 Now that the search is on for the assets, some uptown residents are pointing to a number of high-end homes, and at least one apartment complex, that they say had dubious ownership. But whispers in the community were that they belonged to you know who. They also say a number of individual businesses and their 'owners' who have been fronting, should now come under the microscope.

Unease in the 'kitchen'

4 Some are saying those in the 'kitchen Cabinet' are not too happy with the way things are progressing. Word is that they are not satisfied with some appointments and the pace of change regarding some personnel. There is cause for great anxiety, as some maintain positions of influence while others have bedroom ties with some in the opposing camp.

Listen to this!

5 Their friends have dubbed it: 'a piña colada moment', as the story making the rounds is that the wife and hubby were obviously bored with each other and were busy on the Internet; they both met in a racy chat-room and, after months of intimate exchanges, finally decided on sharing personal info. That, friends say, 'is when the manure hit the fan'.

Where are you?

6 Some in the private sector are now saying it's time many who have their 'profits' stashed abroad, as well as fully maintained homes, make up their minds on which economy they want to grow and where they plan to live.

Crazy stuff

7 Word that the well-respected former public official was seen chasing after his wife, machete in hand, accusing her of infidelity, have many shaking their heads in disbelief.