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Ministry to administer new ASTEP examination

Published:Thursday | June 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The Ministry of Education is to readminister a test for students in the Alternative Secondary Transitional Education Programme (ASTEP) after a mix-up which left some students distraught.

Some school administrators had complained that their institutions were given late notice about the test, which left students with little time to prepare for the exam.

Acting permanent secretary in the education ministry, Grace McLean, said bulletins advising of the test were sent out days before, but she says it appears some schools did not get the information.

McLean added the mix-up will not be held against the students and as such the ministry has decided to void the exams.

She said instructions have been issued for a new test to be developed and the exam readministered.

Null and void

"The decision that we took is that the assessment is deemed null and void and will now be used as practice assessment for the children and we are now arranging for a different assessment to be done," McLean said.

"A new assessment will be done and the schools will be properly advised and we will ensure that the students are prepared."

ASTEP is designed to provide alternative schooling for children who have failed the Grade Four Literacy Test.

Students are required to pass the Grade Four Literacy Test before sitting the Grade Six Achievement Test which transitions students into secondary schools.