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'Don't let them suffer' - Principal seeks to recruit children affected by school closures

Published:Thursday | June 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM


AS SOME independent schools prepare to close their doors at the end of this school year, at least one institution is already looking to capitalise on the opportunity in order to increase its population.

Angela Stewart, principal of Obistan Preparatory School, said the principals of the schools should pass on the names of the students to the smaller institutions.

She said her marketing team is already working on the ground in order to get the students to attend her institution, which could improve the school's financial standards.

"The closure of any school is a sad occasion, because we are in the business of educating the nation's children, but I do believe that these students should be filtered in the private schools other than being lost in the Government system," she told The Gleaner on Monday.

Merge schools

Reverend Sylvester O'Gilvie, president of the Jamaica Independent Schools Association has urged underpopulated preparatory schools to try to get the students of the affected institutions into their schools.

"It is one of the strategies to increase their intake and is something that could help them to keep their doors open," he told The Gleaner.

O'Gilvie added that the association continues to hold dialogue with the members in an effort to find ways to lessen the effect of the financial problems.

"Even without closing, we are looking at the possibility of schools that are on the verge of closing to look at the possibility of merging maybe with a stronger school," he explained.