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Published:Thursday | June 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Should the Jamaican Government benefit from any of the Coke's assets seized by the US?

Definitely! If the USA can benefit, why not Jamaica and its people.

- Kemishea

I'm sure everyone from Tivoli Garden will say 'yes' if they benefit from it.

- MsDeeDeeKins

If it can be of benefit to the people who are less fortunate, then yes, Coke's assets should be used!

- tammy_troubleJA

No! Jamaica benefits already, when Dudus help them win Tivoli seat every election.

- mishka2rob

No! We have not even brought a charge against him, which is itself ridiculous. We should have prosecuted him long ago!

- CeliaMcKoy

Yes! The Government should see to it that Tivoli residents reap the benefit and make sure not to take it for themselves.

- Antoinette_kay

No! Those benefits would simply disappear into individual's pockets.

- MarleneEdwards5

Of course, they should ... . They can use the money to offset some of the taxes and also help pay off some of the country's debt!

- Yosefmuzik

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