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Mauritius, Seychelles financial bosses to visit Jamaica

Published:Thursday | June 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM

THE CARIBBEAN Research Policy Institute (CaPRI) in partnership with the World Bank will be hosting two widely respected public officials with transformational experience.

The two officials - Pierre Laporte, minister of finance for The Seychelles, and Ali Michael Mansoor, financial secretary for Mauritius - will lead participants in a dinner round-table meeting with senior public- and private-sector officials in New Kingston next week Tuesday.

According to CaPRI, the roundtable meeting will focus on lessons from the Seychelles and Mauritius in their advancement from austerity to prosperity.

The visit by the two senior government officials from the two Indian Ocean countries will give an opportunity for Jamaica's Government, Opposition and business leaders to compare the challenges of Jamaica and discuss the policies, programmes and initiatives that catapulted their countries from austerity to prosperity. Both the Seychelles and Mauritius recorded over four per cent GDP growth last year. Their experiences are particularly instructive as both countries have very many similarities with Jamaica.

CaPRI, the region's largest think tank, promotes evidence-based policy dialogue within Caribbean societies and will deliver more tangible policies aimed at aiding Jamaica's and the region's economic development. The partnership with the World Bank in bringing these two senior government officials to Jamaica is part of a vision by CaPRI to connect not only public and private leaders, but the entire Jamaican and Caribbean populations to real and tested policy prescriptions to our country's and region's challenges.