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Greatness depends on the people, not PM

Published:Friday | June 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to the Letter of the Day in The Gleaner dated June 12, 2012 and titled 'Jamaica needs a great prime minister'.

My opinion is that the country will only achieve and maintain greatness by its people. The success or failure of any country depends on its people. To give the impression that leaders such as the prime minister of Jamaica or the president of the United States are responsible for the generation of wealth is false. Jamaicans had better think again.

At one time, Norman Manley advocated that Jamaica have self-government rule within the federation of Caribbean countries within the Commonwealth of Nations. Sir Alexander Bustamante considered otherwise, whereas an election was held to declare Jamaica's position on whether to go it alone or be federated.

Benefits of education

The result of such election is what we are today in terms of independence, with full responsibility for our laws, education, economic growth and all the amenities necessary for living.

The capacity of a country and its people to develop must be through education. We, as Jamaicans, were told that education cannot be eaten and that what the people want is a little more flour and a little more bread.

But we must face the facts and realities of life that no one was born great. What leadership does in any organisation, whether as president of a service club or a prime minister, is provide motivation for people to achieve their goals.

Parents need to encourage their children to excel. Did the Jamaican Government, on December 29, 2011, have the money to fix the potholes all over the country, and not fix them in order to give a little Christmas work? No, I don't believe it had such funds. And it is equally true that the present administration does not have the money.


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