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Grateful for great customer service at Payless Shoe Source

Published:Saturday | June 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Shoppers await the opening of the Payless Shoe Source store at the Boulevard Shopping Centre in St Andrew in 2010. Customer Rodger Hutchinson has nothing but praise for the store manager's customer service. - Ian Allen/Photographer


I am moved to write to you sharing a most pleasant experience I had recently, which reaffirms that there are still people who give good customer service here in Jamaica.

I had a problem with a great pair of shoes I bought at a Payless shoe store in Kingston. After a few weeks of wearing (and I drive, so it's not a lot of wear), the heels of both shoes began to lift. I was angry because it was a shoe I had fallen in love with and wore to work daily.

Well, I was angry and wore the shoe to an outlet (separate from where I bought it) because it was near to where I live. I went there with blood in my eyes because I felt wronged. "How could such a great pair of shoes suddenly fall apart?" I questioned.

So I went there expecting to have to argue my way because I had thrown away the receipt.

Sir, I was so pleasantly surprised. The manager (Ms C. Morris, Boulevard Super Centre) was so helpful, so quick-thinking and sharp. She took away my fight, calmed me down, and promised to replace the best shoe I've bought in a long time.

With a smile, she said, "Oh, sir, it's part of company policy that we treat you right. Don't worry." With that, she just replaced the shoes on the spot.

That definitely deflated my anger and made my experience at Payless a positive one. It's good to know that good customer service still exists. I'll never forget this.

Rodger Hutchinson