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Businesses welcome fall in telephone rates

Published:Saturday | June 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Nadisha Hunter, Staff Reporter

The cut in phone rates by telecommunications provider LIME has been welcomed by Jamaica's business sector.

President of the Small Business Association of Jamaica, Meredith Derby, said the reduction would enhance businesses locally.

"It will slash our operating communications expenses to half which will impact our business cost. I wish all other agencies like the bankers would reduce their interest rates because it will be beneficial to Jamaica," she said.

"It will make us more competitive to the extent where we can start competing in the global market because it is a challenge ... utility costs in Jamaica are not the cheapest, so everything impacts our operational cost and our cost of doing business which makes us very uncompetitive, even in CARICOM," she explained.

Milton Samuda, president of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, indicated that the reduction in the prices would help the members to be more competitive.

"The association accepts any cut in input cost that will help to make our members more competitive in terms of goods and services, so we really welcome the cut in cost," he said.

Jamaica Manufacturers' Association President Brian Pengelley said the downward movement in telephone rates was a good move for manufacturers.

"The association will welcome anything that reduces our cost because we are trying to be as competitive as we can, and any cost benefit that we get certainly will be taken into account," he added.