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If politicians can't regulate spending, why should we?

Published:Sunday | June 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM


As I watched the 7 p.m. news on TVJ, I was left in shock and awe as it related to the rental of a vehicle for the former mayor of Kingston by the town clerk, Mr Errol Greene.

The town clerk caused a vehicle to be rented for the former mayor without following the correct procedure, and none of the members of the Public Accounts Committee seems to know the correct procedure, although they disagreed with the town clerk.

The mayor was assigned a government vehicle and it proved unreliable. The Ministry of Finance had put a freeze on the purchasing of new motor vehicles, so the town clerk was constrained. What the town clerk should have done was to 'board-of-survey' the vehicle on an emergency basis and send the report to the Ministry of Finance, which would then have to make a decision to allow the town clerk to purchase a new vehicle, as the money spent on the rental with the 20 per cent concession could have bought a new vehicle.

The other alternative was to assign the mayor one of the spanking Cricket World Cup BMWs parked at Up Park Camp with a military driver if other chauffeurs are not allowed to drive them.

We have had taxes imposed upon us overnight, so why is it that the proper rules were not followed? I am sure that the Ministry of Finance could acquiesce.

If this had happened in the private sector, drastic action would have been taken against the parties.

The taxpayers of this country are suffering because of government inaction. How can they call upon the taxpayers to tighten their belts when they spend taxpayers' money as if it were theirs?