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Hotel to home - Effortless luxury you can take home

Published:Sunday | June 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A setting like this is great for a reception area at home. Choose any colour and you can create the same effect.
A bold statement for a corner space.
Go ahead and redo your bathroom to capture this elegance. - Contributed
Lighting fixtures can add elegance too
Upholstered straight back chairs can grace any room in your home
Clean and fresh decor. Notice the focal points are the lamps
Who needs a whatnot anymore?
Warm colours for a bedroom. Notice the black and white prints how they work well on the colour background.

This week we have put a new twist on style focussing on the home. Some very public spaces can inspire your private space. We found that the decor at Spanish Court Hotel could really get you start thinking about redesigning your favourite place stylishly.

One thing you can leave the Spanish Court Hotel with is a sense of style. Yes, you can take the decor into your home.

What is easily transferable is the idea, not necessarily the colour or the same pieces. Yours can be much less expensive, but you can achieve the same effect.

Set in Spanish style on the outside, this hotel, located in the premier business hub of the city, New Kingston, creates an impression on entering. Far from being ostentatious, subtle touches here and there, and well-placed objets d'art catch the eye.

To the left of an inviting foyer is an impressionist blue room. Yes, this is the dominant colour. A rich shade of deep blue illuminates the room, contrasting well with soft, white sofas. Its contemporary mix of styling gives it edge you don't find in many spaces.

The focal point of this room is a black and white tiger-striped chair, which also contrasts with the hues of blue. Now, for your home, how do you transfer this? Have one strong central item contrasting the others, the eye will pick this up immediately.

Lighting globes in this room and at other spots in
the hotel is avante garde, and adds charm. There is
no harsh, direct light. Globes are great for your home if you are just
building or redecorating. If you already have traditional lighting, add
nice shades to get the desired glow.

You think theme
when you enter the bedrooms and suites at the Spanish Court Hotel.
Colour block is back as a fashion statement, but the hotel was a few
steps ahead because the rooms are done with this precise theme. The
decorators selected a peaches/orange and cream. This worked well with
the geometry of the furnishing. Choose your own colour palette at home
and have fun.

Comfort is enhanced in the bathroom by
the choice of sleek, modern fixtures. What caught our attention and
seems easily transferable is the simple, minimalist moon-shaped
washbasin with lots of style. This cool, contemporary basin is ideal for
any bathroom at home.

So, there you have

If you think your public space is elegant enough
to inspire a takeaway concept, drop us a line at Lifestyle, The Gleaner
Company, 7 North Street, Kingston, or email

Photos by Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer