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Xtreme Fitness: New gym opens in Spanish Town

Published:Monday | June 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

Gym instructor and proprietor of Greg's Xtreme Fitness Centre Ewan Dawkins has infused a new level of energy and excitement into Spanish Town.

Dawkins and his team of fitness buffs have, for the past two months, given residents one less reason to travel outside of their town to access a service that is growing in demand.

Already, Greg's Xtreme Fitness Centre, located on Brunswick Avenue, has more than 200 members and the list is growing.

"There's a need for a gym here," said Dawkins. "We were around before but then chose to relocate. We are still in the same area though."

Dawkins said that the reception has been great so far and that his clients really come in with a range of needs. "Ninety per cent of my clients are more interested in losing weight. There are those who just want to keep fit and maintain their weight as well."

With classes geared at targeting varying fitness objectives, the gym has gained the loyalty of many who has seen results.

Secure, friendly

"It is a good atmosphere. Secure, friendly and is family-oriented." And there are plans to expand.

Like all fitness centres, the programmes are designed to meet client's particular needs and daily schedules.

"Outside of the monthly membership, we offer day and weekly passes. We have also introduced our lunchtime special which goes from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. where persons from the environs can come in for a workout and they are not limited to an hour but to the specified period," said marketing manager Sharon Williams.

The lunch-hour special fills the gap during the slower periods of the day but in the morning and evenings, the place is buzzing with activity.

Feeling inspired and rewarded by the support of his fitness venture, Dawkins says the perception of gyms has changed over the years. "In my 20 years in the fitness industry, I find that people are more receptive to working out at the gym than years gone by. It is no longer viewed as a luxury because people are more keen on health and living longer."

Apart from equipment training, aerobic and sculpting classes are also available. From time to time, a nutritionist is on hand to offer guidance.

Greg's Xtreme Fitness is located at Shop 11, upstairs AJ Shopping Complex, 32 Brunswick Street. Tel: 749-6591.