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'I'm not a father anymore'

Published:Monday | June 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • Father's Day brings sad moment for would-be dad

It was a blissful day at the Sts Peter and Paul Church in Cross Roads, St Andrew, yesterday as members handed gifts to fathers and took time to show their appreciation.

But as one usher approached Mickelta Nicholas, he said, "I'm not a father anymore."

Nicholas said he was looking forward to his son being born May 2011, but his girlfriend had a miscarriage two months to her due date.

"It's a sad moment for me today with this father's celebration thing," he told The Gleaner.

Recalling his near journey towards fatherhood, the 30-year-old said the news of the miscarriage came as a shock.

"The mother took an ultrasound a couple weeks before the baby died and everything was alright," Nicholas said.

"We saw him moving and everything and then we came back and dem tell mi seh the baby dead, and di only ting dem seh to mi is that di mother had pressure problem. All now mi caan really tell you what really cause it," he said.

Would have been first child

"I was very upset, angry, everything in one. I even blamed the mother and was very upset with her because I was saying to myself, 'A must something she do fi mek this happen', and he was going to be my first child. It affect mi in such a way that mi nah really make an effort fi have no more again," Nicholas said.

In the meantime, Nicholas is encouraging fathers to play an active role in the children's lives.

"It is a very unfortunate thing that is happening in our society because mi see man all have two youths and dem nah work, dem not trying to support dem children and that just can't work," Nicholas said.

He added: "Men must start get serious and know seh it takes more than just having the title of being a father, you have to put in hard work, and cherish the opportunity."

Similarly, Emeritus Archbishop Donald Reece said fathers should look to God for guidance as they discharge their parental responsibilities.

"I want to encourage our fathers to seek for a spiritual connection with the heavenly Father because we cannot do it by ourselves," Reece, who delivered the sermon, said.