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Published:Tuesday | June 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Leighton Davis poses with wife Aida and son Jude at the All Jamaica Grill Off at Hope Gardens on Sunday.
David Mair, vice-president - Best Dressed Chicken Division, and Kim Mair pose with their children (from left) Isaac, Abigail and Gabrielle.
Kaman Stewart and Kamille Martin enjoying the food at the All Jamaica Grill Off.
Kathryn Silvera (left) and Lisa Fulford pose with puppy Fleur.
David Mair, vice-president, Best Dressed Chicken Division at Jamaica Broilers, getting a taste of a hot dog from promoters Amanda Foote (left) and Tamara Douglas at the All Jamaica Grill Off at Hope Gardens, St Andrew, on Sunday.
These ladies were out to have a good time. From left: Caroline Innis, Sophia Anderson and Kayle Deans. - Photos by Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Enjoying each other's company (from left) were Trizon Chung Ying, Britney Edwards and Jianna Green.

The All Jamaica Grill Off competition was a blast on Sunday. Nineteen teams participated and it was difficult for the organisers to select overall winners. Why? All the teams did so well. Watch this space for the winners.