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Published:Wednesday | June 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Do you think traditional vocational subjects such as woodwork and metalwork should be abolished?

Of course not! Where would we get wooden products from, and who would do the welding when these people have died?

- Krayz Mzindependent Kaye

No! Some students may not do well in math, English, etc., but they excel in these vocational areas. And it doesn't hurt to have a skill.

- Kheki-skai White

Not at all. Skill is the order of the day, no matter what.

- Tashea Portia-Stullesha Logan

No way. You can learn a trade in both. You need woodworkers to make furniture and metalworkers to make a lot of things.

- Tanker Fridge

No! Education is not only for the academically inclined. Skilled workers are more at an advantage in this era.

- Maureen McLeod

Skills develop your mind from early, so one can have a working attitude and would not have to leave school like many young men who sit on roadside with nothing to do. It should be mandatory that they learn a skill before they leave school.

- Garfield Deslandes

It is such a shame that Jamaica is so caught up in the globalisation net that the country does not realise that it's one of the biggest reasons why it's failing.

We are dropping a concept where schools were challenged, technically, artistically, psychologically, and physically, and many other skills, to where we want to adopt a laid-back school curriculum where all you do is circle the answer. We should adapt and build, and not adapt and destroy, the strength and roots.

- Amanda K CB

No. In fact, I think the building of skills-related secondary schools would enhance the learning process more effectively instead of concentrating more on the academics for the 'skilfully' inclined.

This should be done so that children leaving the primary school who are not academically inclined can find a place in a skill-centred facility to motivate and encourage them to be focused in the wider society, especially on reaching adulthood.

- Sherine Grant

Not everyone can be doctors and lawyers. Some persons are better with their hands. Taking these away may lead to more youths on the streets.

- Chantelle Morris

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