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Published:Wednesday | June 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Do you think a National Parenting Policy will improve the issues surrounding absentee fathers?

No. Parents have to work this out. Fathers need to pay child support, and mothers need to give dads access to their kids.

- AuntieMahalia

Maybe. I think what is needed is a parent outreach programme, especially for first-time mothers.

- Nikki4evaPeach

Yes. Adopt China's policy of one child per household, or no kids if you can't afford to take care of yourself.

- Nadesh 13

Not while men are viewed as kings and are allowed to be immune from the consequences of their actions.

- PuretyIsASurety

I don't think it's necessary. Why force a man to become a father? It's better if the absentee fathers come on their own.

- NollyNmusic

It may not solve all the issues, but any help is better than no help.

- Vassellc

It couldn't start and end with the policy being formulated. Every single proposal would have to be effectively enforced.

- AceOfSpades_17

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