Sat | Jun 19, 2021

LIME's rates too sweet to beat

Published:Wednesday | June 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Not only is LIME's rates the most affordable, but its service is very reliable and consistent with the improvement of its services in an effort to satisfy customers.

I was once a loyal Digicel customer. However, after a long period of shoddy service and credit mysteriously disappearing from my phone without a logical explanation, I decided to put an end to the torture. We all deserve better and I refuse to settle for what is being offered, especially when there is an option.

Mobile phones, which were considered luxury decades ago, are items of necessity to individuals, businesses and the economy at large. In an economic situation such as ours, people tend to gravitate to where they receive better-quality services for a reasonable price.

NEGLECTING customers

Digicel seems to be spending a lot of time and resources attracting customers rather than satisfying the ones it already has. It has consistently failed to maintain the reputation it had gained initially by providing high-quality service.

Many customers will benefit from this drastic cut in call rates from $8 to $2.99, especially the international rates!

Too long have Jamaicans been riddled with high cellular charges and poor customer service.

I will definitely be enjoying this deal.


Kingston 8