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Help someone, it could only take a minute

Published:Wednesday | June 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM

HELLO MI neighbour! Our last community Labour Day project left me with the responsibility of watering/ nurturing the young tree, which I planted at our up-and-coming park. Other community members have a similar responsibility and all the new plants are doing very well. The park, being a little distance from home, makes my task a little challenging, but because I know that a dead plant will detract from the park's beauty, I carry out my task with enthusiasm.

On a busy morning, it takes about a minute to jump from the car with a bottle of water in hand, dash to the plant, pour the water at its root, then dash back to the car. While dashing on one of those mornings, I was arrested by this thought: though a minute is a seemingly insignificant window, never underestimate its value.

My recent conversation with a Montego Bay neighbour did not last for more than a minute. Yet a major problem was resolved. She is broke, physically challenged and needed a stove to prepare her meals. 'The little piece a one' did its days. Mr N. Holmes from St Ann got wind of this neighbour's problem through us and was constrained to assist her. Upon verification of his sincerity, the connection was made. In short order, the stove was delivered to this needy neighbour. When she called us to say thanks, she was in tears (of joy). For a very long time, she needed a stove, but all previous efforts at acquiring one failed. Today, she is in possession of not just a stove, but a brand-new one, because a stranger cared. For real!

A minute of kindness

Then there is Kelly-Ann who is a caregiver for an elderly blind neighbour. She believes that, "even a minute of kindness shown to others, (especially the elderly) brings great reward". When she contacted us about her need of a sewing machine recently, it was not long before another kind neighbour offered her one.

And here is the clincher: this kind neighbour took a bus from Denham Town with a brand-new table model sewing machine (still in box), got off at Half-Way Tree, placed the machine on her head and did about a half-mile trek up Hope Road in the heat of the day and presented it to Kelly-Ann, free of cost! No doubt, this kind neighbour is now reaping her reward, because "what we sow, we certainly reap".

The minute you reach out to help someone else, it's the minute your blessing begins. Help someone from the list below, it could only take a minute.

Thanks for helping

1. Doreen, United States, for financial contribution.

2. Ms Bailey, Canada, for donation of food items.

3. N. Holmes, St Ann, for donating stove to needy neighbour, Montego Bay.

4. Neighbour, for donating a mattress to Patricia, St Catherine.

5. Neighbour, for giving clothing to a child.

6. Mrs Morrison, Kingston 20, for donation of clothing.

Opportunities to help

Ms Campbell, St Ann: unemployed, daughter died leaving her two children. Needs food and financial assistance for them.

Paulette, St Thomas: mother of six, father is very ill. Needs food and clothing for children.

Alecia, Westmoreland: mother of seven, in need of clothing.

Tracy Ann, single mother, needs a refrigerator.

Kerry Ann, needs a sewing machine to generate income.

Neighbour, appealing to others large igloo for small business.

Deon, St Andrew: needs a wheelchair.

Ms Thompson, single mother of four, needs a door and a window.

Lorna, Manchester: asking for a second piano for community development.

Patricia, Manchester: needs a mattress.

To help us, please call 334-8165, 884-3866, 299-3412 or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX), or send donations to Hello Neighbour, C/o 53 Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10. Email