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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | June 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

No surprise

1. Word in political circles is that the one being questioned has a history of shenanigans. Those who know him best are not surprised by the latest accusations of major impropriety!

Goodbye, goodwill

2.Some are saying it would appear that Digicel is prepared to squander its existing goodwill and lose the telecoms war, with its latest move by taking the OUR to court to try to rescind LIME's ability to offer lower rates!

Where did it all go?

3.There's now a major internal investigation under way to determine just where the US$5-million donation went, as there is no record of it in the party coffers. With so much denial flying around, some are hoping that the taxman will be able to follow the trail from the wire transfer to the account holder or holders, and bring some light to the manner.

Shame on you

4.Some are saying those in charge of the information agency have fallen completely asleep on the job. They say if this were not so, how else do you explain the Google alerts that appear with releases still having the face of former Prime Minister Bruce Golding? They say the fact that we have had two prime ministers since Golding speaks to gross negligence or dereliction of duty.


5.It is being said that the company that was once the pride and joy of the Jamaican family who built it, is all set to fall apart as the 'foreigners' who bought it lack the manners and aptitude to keep it together and the nationals still there are not prepared to put up with the "new attitude".

GSAT inappropriate

6.Not all stakeholders in the education sector are convinced that GSAT is age appropriate or even context appropriate for testing children of that age. Some are asking that the means of testing be revisited as not only is GSAT as constituted debilitating, but students are forced to cram material that has little or no bearing on their capacity to function in the adult world or make them any more employable!