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Other parents, teachers celebrate placements

Published:Thursday | June 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Marshalyn McCalla gives a congratulatory hug to her daughter, Arianna Bailey, who also attends Rousseau Primary School and gained a place at Meadowbrook High School.
Philmore Rhoden hugs his son, Ramon, who attends the Rousseau Primary School and gained a place at Kingston College.
A group of students from Mico Practising Primary in St Andrew who were happy with their Grade Six Achievement Test results. - Ian Allen/Photographer

"I was so happy I started to cry!" declared Arianna Bailey
from Rousseau Primary in St Andrew. "I passed for Meadowbrook High. That
was the best news ever. I am really proud of myself."

want to cry too," expressed her mother, Marshalyn McCalla, who was
jumping with joy. "She got an 80 per cent average. I am so very, very
happy and excited."

Overwhelmed with emotion, mother and daughter
hugged each other tight outside the gate of the school yesterday
afternoon following the release of the results for the Grade Six
Achievement Test.

Next to them, Philmore Rhoden fought to contain his excitement as he hugged his son, Ramon, who was placed at Kingston College.

"I feel more than excited! I feel thrilled!" exclaimed a smiling Ramon. "I'm going to KC!"

His father hugged him again.

by Sts Peter and Paul Preparatory School on Old Hope Road, some parents
and students were engaged in excited chatter, discussing the results.

really, really happy," declared Leesa Schaaffe, who got placed at
Immaculate Conception High School. "I had to study really hard, extra
lessons seven days a week. I had to stay up, all sorts of revision. My
mommy gave me a lot of motivation, so I am really thankful. All my
classmates did well and we are so happy."


Her mother, Michelle Campbell, said she could now relax.

was really worried when I heard the minister say he was going to be
placing students with good grades across all schools. I'm just really
glad she got placed in a good school."

At the Mico Practising Primary on Marescaux Road, the students and teachers were beaming with joy.

"When I heard I passed for Wolmer's, I jumped up and down," said a breathless Nichalia Hutton.

"My mom said she felt like crying when I told her."

friends, Aaliyah Mitchell, Casey Willis, Tarique Simpson and others,
all joined her and hugged each other, as they discussed their placements
at schools like St George's College, Kingston College, Wolmer's Girls,
and Alpha Academy.

Relieved to get that stress behind them, they all talked about the fun stuff they planned to do over the summer holidays.

Navaro Laidley, the vice-principal, said she was quite excited at her students's results.

"We got some really good results and some very good placements. The students really made us proud," she said.

did have some students who cried because they were placed in schools
they didn't want to go, but overall we really are very happy with the
performance and the results."