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Cabinet awards $70m contract for Independence gala

Published:Thursday | June 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

CABINET HAS approved the award of a $70-million contract to Jambiz for the provision of artistic and creative service for the production of this year's Grand Gala.

The Grand Gala is to be staged at the National Stadium as part of the celebrations for Jamaica 50.

Sandrea Falconer, the minister with responsibility for information, in making the announcement during yesterday's Jamaica House press briefing, said Cabinet was advised that the Grand Gala was produced by Jambiz in the past, including last year, and that the quality of the work was satisfactory.

Falconer said an oversight committee has been established to advise on the artistic content and monitor the implementation of the project.


In the meantime, Falconer said the Government was comfortable with the level of enthusiasm surrounding Jamaica 50.

"The campaign is going to be picked up in a sustained way," Falconer said while arguing that funds to drive activities are just being released from the Consolidated Fund.

"We will see an escalation in the campaign as the days and weeks progress," Falconer said.

"Over time, I believe that once we see the roll-out of the programmes for Jamaica 50, people will be satisfied," the minister added.