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Published:Friday | June 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

What do you think about the explanation given by the Jamaica 50 Secretariat over the song?

Both songs are good to me. No cuss-cuss should take place. Shaggy and friends sound good, Mikey Bennett sounds good. Anyone can be used. Big up to our Jamaican artistes. One love!

- Ayana Henry

The song is neither here nor there. We have more important issues to be dealt with. After the 50 years of Independence celebrations, we'll forget about the song and we will still have these issues and crises hanging over our heads and difficult times ahead of us. So stop focusing on things that are not important to us now and look forward to a brighter future.

- Perkins Marcia

Poor, and a little condescending. Shaggy, in the intro to the song, clearly said, " ... the official song". The programme used at the launch illustrated this as well. It was a disappointing excuse.

- Durie Dee

What is it with Jamaicans and this bandwagon thing? I don't see the big deal over the songs! I like both songs, both could be used, Shaggy's song has a little oomph to it, makes you wanna dance, while Mikey's song is good also, but a little on the boring side. All that is needed is to play both songs and stop the fussing.

- Natalie Richie

For me, both songs are good. 'On a Mission' is better to be used for that exciting vibes. It caters more for the many parties over the Independence weekend, while 'Find a Flag' caters more for the Grand Gala and civic functions, so we can use both.

- Jason Shaw

I think politics is making a mockery of the Jamaica 50 celebrations. The evidence is on the programme for the launch. It's clear they have no regard for the people of this country.

- Elesha Mckoy

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