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Published:Friday | June 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Should parents accept the school placement of their children despite concerns about the school?

Most parents do not have a choice but to accept. Personally, I would seek a replacement/transfer with all my will.

- Aphterskoole

Yes. The child should be prepared to study and work hard, regardless of the school in which he/she was placed.

- sandracolthirst

Yes, they should. Unless they have a medical reason or something like that, they should take what they got.

- Shannysmithbaby

Yes, parents should. All schools have the same curriculum, etc. Build the environment and your child will flourish.

- MsGreyToYou

It's hard to send your child to a school that he/she passed for that is geographically out of the way.

- Elcentrojm

In a democracy, parents should have a right to choose or to question anything they are concerned about.

- Ras_StarzPromo

I'd be concerned too, but the number of spaces at the schools that are not in volatile areas are limited. What can one do?

- lugirl0704

If my child passes for a school I'm not comfortable with, I'm not sending him/her there.

- UniqlyMeRebelT

Yes, they should. In fact, they should all go to the school that's nearest to them.

- Altonbuddle

Students are receiving placement based on performance. So if they want to go to top school, study harder.

- smith_genius

GSAT is flawed and not all students can survive at certain schools. That's reality!

- TerriEvents

They worked for which school they got placed, but I don't wrong the parents to want to change, if it is a volatile area or school.

- Peddiespice

The school the child attends doesn't affect his/her learning ability and should not.

- sweetpersona

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