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Retired cop stabbed, killed

Published:Friday | June 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

George Henry, Gleaner Writer

SPALDINGS, Clarendon:

The community of Spaldings on the border of Manchester and Clarendon is now in mourning following the death of well-known retired Superintendent of Police Excel Dias.

Dias, 76, a justice of the peace for the parish of Manchester, who served the Jamaica Constabulary Force in the parishes of Clarendon and Manchester for more than 35 years, was found near death, lying in a pool of blood in his yard at Spaldings, by a passerby about 9 o'clock Tuesday night.

The Spaldings police, who are investigating, reported that the passerby became curious when Dias' burgundy Honda Accord was seen speeding almost full speed out of Dias' yard. This, the police said, was unusual for Dias who was known as an individual who drove extremely slowly.

Gruesome discovery

This caused the passerby to go to the yard to see what could have possibly caused the driver to speed from the premises. The police reported that, upon reaching the gate to the yard, the gruesome discovery was made, forcing other persons in the area to be alerted by the passerby before the police were called to the scene. The body had several cuts to the face, the throat was slashed and there were several stab wounds to the chest.

It was reported that Dias was still alive when he was removed to the Percy Junor Hospital less than a mile from his house. The police reported that he was rushed to the theatre for emergency surgery, but died while being attended by health personnel.

In the meantime, the police reported that the passerby who made the discovery and other persons have been questioned, and more questioning is to take place as they continue their investigations into the murder of the retired policeman and farmer.