Tue | Jun 22, 2021

Blacks must stop whining over past

Published:Friday | June 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Every few weeks we read columns or letters similar to Keith Noel's article of Thursday, June 21, 2012 titled 'We full free?'.

The history is clear by now. Europeans invaded and enslaved Africa. The treatment meted out was brutal and dehumanising. The continent was divided to suit the will of European empires and to enrich European nations.

This lasted for more than 400 years. Africans were scattered across the Western Hemisphere, losing their cultural identity, their language and their religions.

But will some historian explain why Africans conceded to this humiliation? After all, history tells us that Africa was a great continent for centuries. Why did Africans not sail to Europe, conquer and divide Europeans and enslave them for centuries?

Africans lived close to the seas and oceans and had the resources to build boats and weapons. Why did they not plunder Europe, as every other nation of plunderers did? Why did Africans not establish their religions throughout Europe and the Western World?

World history is the history of the survival of the fittest and often the strongest and most cruel. Slavery and oppression have been with man from the beginning. Why did Africans fail to understand this?



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