Mon | Jun 21, 2021

Focus on the positives

Published:Saturday | June 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Let me once again congratulate all the students, particularly those from the Ramble All-Age School in Porus, Manchester, who sat the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and were placed in a secondary institution. Let me highlight the fact that success is not based on the school at which one is placed, but on the mere fact that one is moving up the educational ladder.

Many students and parents are disappointed with the GSAT results. Parents and students hoped for placement in a particular school and may not have been placed in the school of their choice.

Let us know what we are about and move forward. There's nothing positive to be gained by worrying about what might go wrong. Put your energy into arranging for things to go the way you intend. Enthusiastically embrace life as it is, with all the ups and downs, for within the context of life, you can make it truly outstanding.

Of course, you cannot control every influence upon your life. However, you can prepare and position yourself to intelligently, purposefully and positively respond to whatever comes your way. If your life is not living up to your very highest expectations, there are countless ways to make improvements. Choose to act, choose to improve, and bring your own special excellence to life, regardless of the disappointment you face.

So, parents, teachers, church leaders, let us embrace all our young ones moving up the educational ladder at this time. Let us show them exactly what they are worth!

Let us encourage them to live each day with the courage of their own special, beautiful possibilities. Teach them to always give their best, for it should be their profound and fulfilling desire to do so.