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At peace

Published:Sunday | June 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Michael Abraham Smith, Contributor

Standing at the edge of the cliff looking down, all he saw was the endless pain which filled his heart and mind. He took two more steps forward trying to think of the good things in his life, things he could use to find reason to stay alive but it was blank, it had all been taken from him, just pulled away like an arrow being ripped from the wound. He swallowed hard as his breath stopped in his throat. For every tear that he had ever cried, he let his heart tighten more and more in his chest until the pain was unbearable, so unbearable he couldn't inhale. With just one step away from the end he had chosen, he closed his eyes and said goodbye to the world which had never given him a fighting chance and with this final farewell, he let it all go.

"Here lies

Michael Abraham Smith

Beloved Son, Brother, Friend and Fiancé

Gone too soon

But will never be forgotten

December 12, 1983 - January 2, 2010."

Sarah sat at his graveside just remembering the time she had spent with him - how he always made everyone smile, and how his spirit was forever soaring, even in bad situations - and she smiled through her tears. She missed him every second of every minute of every day; she sat wishing she could go back in time and save him from himself. He was her only sibling and best friend, and now she was alone. No one, not even her husband understood her the way he did. Now she was three months pregnant and suffering with pre-natal depression. Sarah rose from her brother's side and straightened her dress. She blew him a kiss and headed for her car to start the long ride home.

Ethan and Paige stood at the window of the nursery awaiting Sarah's return. She had insisted on going to Michael's grave today, and they were both very worried. She hadn't been the same since he had passed away, and each day seemed to bring on something new. Ethan paced anxiously as Paige tried to keep him calm, but he was scared, and like a million acupuncture needles, his guilt kept piercing his skin. He felt as if Sarah knew the truth and had left him, just taken their unborn child and walked away without a word. He felt the room begin to spin as the ground opened up beneath him. Ethan grabbed at everything around him, hoping not to sink to the bottom of his worst fear. Suddenly, he heard it. Sarah's car coming down the stone driveway and he bolted for the door.

Paige stood at the front door watching him hug and kiss Sarah as he helped her out the car and unto the front patio. Her heart sank to her stomach, making her sick and she felt the tears roll down her cheeks. Only a year ago to the day she was engaged to marry Michael, and then he went and took his own life. He had left her a note, a note which stated all too clearly his reasons for leaving. Now, on the anniversary of that dreadful day, all she felt was anger and hurt. This was the driving force that had made her seduce Ethan. Why should any of them be happy, when they all contributed to taking the man she loved away from her and tearing her life apart like recycled paper? No, they were all going to suffer, slow and painfully just the way she had, after identifying his mangled body at the bottom of that ratcheted cliff.

Paige walked deviously towards them, and Ethan knew it was over. She was going to tell Sarah about the affair and destroy their marriage. He started to panic, it felt as if the sun had got hotter and the patio shrank. Sarah watched him quietly, not letting him know she had already found out about his obscurities and had forgiven him. Paige made her way up the steps as if she were gliding and smiled. She could tell from Sarah's eyes this wasn't going to be easy, and she decided that as angry as she was, Mike would never want her to hurt anyone. But the thrill and power of watching Ethan squirm made her continue her bluff. They both looked at Ethan sweating sprofusely, his entire shirt was soaked. Paige giggled while Sarah shook her head.

Paige decided to let it go. She said goodbye to Ethan and Sarah and walked slowly to her car. Paige sat behind the wheel thinking about Michael and everything they had been through and how much she still loved him. It brought back memories of the letter he had written and his final words to her:

"I love you Paige Elizabeth Andrews and I always will.

Please move on with your life and forget about me.

I will always be watching over you.

With each passing day I'll be there to help you let me go,

It is my last wish for you to be happy, as I would never have been able to grant you true happiness.

You are my one and only."