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Hey, beautiful! One-on-one with Randy

Published:Sunday | June 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Randy Fenoli at the Sandals wedding showcase in New York.-Contributed photos

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

YOU can't possibly mistake that voice for any other when you hear the melodic greeting, "Hey, beautiful!" For those of you who are familiar with the popular TLC bridal reality series, 'Say Yes to the Dress', you will certainly know it's no other but Kleinfield Bridal's fashion director, Randy Fenoli.

The special guest at the recently held Sandals Resorts' 'Your Wedding, Your Style' launch in New York City was certainly in his element.

Smartly dressed in a grey suit, Fenoli was quite the engaging emcee who seemed to have had an equally fulfilling time interacting with those in attendance, especially his adoring fans.

Known for his honest and 'lifesaving' advice for brides when shopping for bridal gowns, Fenoli has been the one to bring an air of calm to the dressing rooms. This is oftentimes seen on the reality series which is aimed at helping brides find the perfect gown.

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Fenoli started in the fashion industry in 1992. He was a designer back then, but later branched out into the bridal market, providing professional advice. "I just work with brides to make them beautiful and happy," he told Outlook.

Having worked with brides with a range of personalities and tastes, the bridal gown expert said all brides should consider two important things when choosing a gown. "The most important thing when choosing a gown is to choose one that represents your story. What is it that you and your fiancée are saying to your guests? And based on these, you make your choice like whether you want chic, understated or fun. You must also choose a gown that makes you feel beautiful".

According to Fenoli, when you feel beautiful in a dress, the whole body language changes to reflect how you feel in it which is shown in the way you wear the dress with confidence.

Choosing a dress is as important as the day itself for a bride and sometimes a little support system can be good. But be careful what you wish for because having people around can make it into a more stressful affair. To avoid this, it advised that the bride sets the rules.

"It is good to have a support group and while you may value their opinion, stand up and make sure you set the ground rules. Let them know what your budget is, your style and not talk about sensitive things like how wide your hips are. That is the last thing a bride wants to hear when searching for a dress."

The very passionate gown expert says he interacts and tries to leave a lasting impression on brides he comes in contact with. "Everything I do, I function from these three Es. I educate brides who need a bit of guidance, I elevate them as sometimes they have some body confidence issues and empower them to stand tall and to say and believe that they are beautiful," he said with much conviction.

For Fenoli, three-dimensional layered dresses, the retro vintage look are in. "Many contemporary brides are going for this Hollywood starlet look and natural waist dresses," he shared.