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Published:Monday | June 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The monokini blends sexiness with subtlety. Just look at Fiona in this piece.
In this purple and white bikini, Amanda exudes a cool kind of sexiness as she relaxes and enjoys the view overlooking the Portland coast.
We reckon that we have seen this look before ... think 'largest sunken ship in the world' (Titanic). Here, Fiona models an aqua and white bikini beneath the canopy of this four-poster bed on the beach.
Fiona catches a quick pose in this aqua and white striped bikini, with pink detail on the bust for a splash of colour.
This hot pink bikini with rosettes on the bust from Kerry-Kay's is a great look for Annisha.

Kerry Christian has been in fashion retail for several years and has branched into fashion designing, launching her 2012 collection recently. It features fashions for the full-figure women. Her store, Kerry-Kay's fashion, has a wide array of swimsuits that cater to the everyday woman. Here are some of the eye-catching pieces.

Kerry-Kay's: Shop #2 Lane Plaza, Constant Spring Road, Kgn 10. Tel: 754-7766.