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The Gleaner's e-Paper is here!

Published:Monday | June 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The Gleaner Company headquarters, central Kingston. - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer

THE GLEANER Company Limited is today launching yet another innovative product to enhance its already outstanding multimedia experience. It's the e-Paper, a digital replica of the newspaper readers and clients have come to love, respect and enjoy.

By logging on to http://epaper.jamaica-gleaner.com, readers will be able to access the e-Paper from their desktop, laptop or tablet. They can flip through the pages on screen, with sound effects, for an enhanced interaction with the newspaper. Readers will enjoy various features such as search, zoom, bookmark and print pages as well as access earlier publications.

"It is going to be a great experience and another avenue for our readers to access our award-winning content," said the newspaper's managing director, Christopher Barnes.

Following the launch, readers will get a two-week free trial, after which it will be available only by subscription.

"The Gleaner is always excited to offer new and exciting ways for our readers and clients to enjoy our products and services. This is how we create value for all stakeholders. The e-Paper, along with our mobile applications, BlackBerry app, Firstlook site, and our new video advertising service, is the first in a long line of future innovations to expect from a company that has embraced this increasingly digital world," said Barnes.

A far way

What makes the e-Paper different from the already popular www.jamaica-gleaner.com online is that readers will now be able to see the pages and advertisements just as they appear in the printed edition.

"This is another component of The Gleaner's ever-evolving multimedia experience. Readers will love this product because they will have the convenience of accessing their replica of The Gleaner anywhere in the world once they have Internet connection," said Barnes.

Evolving with the ages, The Gleaner has come a far way since it was first published on September 13, 1834. Respected worldwide as the credible source of news and information for Jamaica, today persons can access the news through its numerous printed products, on the Internet or on the airwaves at Power 106 FM.

"We know as we further evolve in this information age, readers are getting more sophisticated in how they access information and their preferences. The e-Paper is simply the latest in the line of products demonstrating our commitment to give the readers what they want," the managing director said.

Barnes said the move is also a reflection of The Gleaner's decision to grow revenue in the digital arena, a global trend with the world's most respected newspapers.

"Newspapers all over the world are embracing changes in market trends and undergoing digital transitions. They recognise that their readers' habits are evolving and are seeking to evolve with them. Advertisers will also gain greater exposure for their media spend as their marketing efforts will now by default be expanded globally," he said.