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ADS Global: Delivers wide-ranging services to customers

Published:Monday | June 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Ron McKay

 Keisha Hill, Gleaner Writer

ADS Global is a customer-focused, technologically innovative, global contact-centre company. They deliver first-class products and customer service to drive their clients' business forward.

ADS has operated call centres since 1986 for Fortune 1000 companies in many industries and outsourcing operations. Their high -tech customer contact centre in the Caribbean and data centres in the United States of America, offer the latest telephone and E-contact methodologies available, while striving to reach new global markets through constant technical innovation.

According to Ron McKay, chief executive officer of ADS Global, the organisation builds better customer relationships by providing contact services any time, anywhere, by providing better information to customers on products and services, and increasing the availability of contact services to avoid the risk of a major interruption in customer service.

"If you are looking to reach a specific market, we use digital technologies and social media and develop the fastest way to reach the audience. Our aim is to ensure that the clients make a profit from their marketing budget," McKay said

McKay who has a marketing background and is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, decided to move to the Caribbean where he consolidated his business to a 10,000 square feet complex in Fairview, Montego Bay.

ADS Global facilities are designed to deliver a wide range of services including customer acquisition and retention, web-enabled customer service, employee care services, IT help desk and other technical support, market research and customer value management, database marketing services, interactive customer services

Latest technology

ADS' high-tech customer contact centre also offers the latest telephone and web-based contact methodologies. The contact-centre activities that will help deliver services to customers and employees include:

  • inbound call processing for sales inquiries
  • internal support
  • customer support
  • outbound telemarketing campaigns
  • email and regular mail processing
  • web-enabled customer contact.

New Clients

McKay said they are working on a number of projects with a few new clients such as Stewart's Automotive Limited, Jamaica Public Service Company, and Credit Unions of Jamaica Limited. ADS Global is also working with the Spanish hotels to create a regional appeal and with small independent hotels to create a marketing presence and operate as a conglomerate.

"We want to give them more of a Caribbean feeling mixed with the North American ambience. They need to increase visitors and have a higher level of retention and return rate. Basically, when persons visit their hotels, they will return," McKay said.

The ADS Global CEO said the response to the services offered has been fantastic. He said, because of the global recession, persons have had to cut back on marketing dollars, however, his company provides them with high and efficient service.

"We develop high marketing strategies and, because we are very niche, the target market embraces our message," McKay said.

Visit: www.ads-g.com for more information