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Obama happy with law progression

Published:Tuesday | June 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference at the G20 Summit, Tuesday, June 19, in Los Cabos, Mexico.


President Barack Obama says he is pleased the Supreme Court struck down key parts of border state Arizona's immigration law but concerned about what the high court left intact.

The court allowed a provision requiring police to check the immigration status of someone they stop for another reason and suspect is in the United States illegally.

Said Obama: "No American should ever live under a cloud of suspicion just because of what they look like." He said police in Arizona should not enforce the provision in a way that undermines civil rights.

The court struck down other provisions of Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants, including requiring all immigrants to carry registration papers with them.

Obama said the ruling makes clear that Congress should work with him on solving illegal immigration.