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My take on Olint heartbreak

Published:Wednesday | June 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I would like to comment on Daniel Thwaites' column titled 'The best payback is reform', in The Sunday Gleaner dated June 24.

For years we have been trying to reform the political systems in this country, and where has that got us? No further than frustration, everyone has his hand in the till.

Many of us went to Olint because of returns others were getting. You know that the politicians will say that some other person got it, in spite of Bobby Pickersgill confirming that "he saw no moral obligation to return" the political donation from Olint.

So if the chairman said he would not return it, clearly he had it, and not some 'bagman'.

Many persons combined their savings with others of their peers to create a larger pool. Then these sums were likely given to some agent in one sum so that they could be passed on to Olint, and perhaps that agent did some amalgamation of his own. If you think that J$50 million or US$600,000 is irrelevant in Jamaica, believe you can scarcely buy a house and a car with that amount of money.

Regarding the argument that only rich people bought into Olint, I have to say both the affluent and the middle class from all walks of life were deceived.

I do not need to be warned about further investments, because I am sick and tired of being a victim in Jamaica, of the Ponzis, the thieves on the road, and in the various businesses, including political parties. But in retirement I have made a pledge to 'run down' dishonesty that comes my way, as I have always done.