Mon | Jun 14, 2021

Merchants must 'change' their ways

Published:Wednesday | June 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM


An issue worthy of advocacy at the highest level surrounds the matter of supermarket owners literally confiscating the change of buyers on the grounds that there are no one-cent coins.

The net effect of this policy is that when you consider the multiplier effect, these persons enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary people. Of course, many shoppers themselves willingly surrender their rights too, claiming that one-cent coins are of no value.

Sometimes the amounts involved are not just a few cents, as often the supermarkets round off change to the nearest dollar, always making sure that they never lose anything.

Two things are required. One is a campaign to awaken shoppers. The second is for measures to be taken to turn up the heat on these supermarket owners for what is literally highway robbery. An easy way for the owners to make sure people get their change is by using some credit card which credits the change and compounds it so it can be used towards future purchases.

The public may demonstrate their disgust with the supermarket operators by demonstration or by forcing legislative action through Government.

At a minimum, if the customers don't want the change, these funds could be pooled to help the poor by several shoppers bonding their credits together.

These owners have it every which way: they not only fail to pay corporate tax, they also use tax increases by Government as an excuse to increase prices and in the end steal people's change.