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JAMAICA AT 50... Business leaders speak

Published:Wednesday | June 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Becky Stockhausen, president of the American Chamber of Commerce (Jamaica).
The Honourable John J. Issa, OJ.
Jean Lowrie-Chin

Becky Stockhausen

President, American Chamber of Commerce (Jamaica)

President of the American Chamber of Commerce (Jamaica) Becky Stockhausen said for Jamaica to be celebrating 50 years as a small country is an amazing feat. "Many countries have not achieved half of what Jamaica has achieved and many do not have the music, culture or even the successes of the athletes," Stockhausen said.

Stockhausen, who has been living in Jamaica for over 28 years, said Jamaicans are very creative and should use their creativity to take the brand and accomplish more as a country.

Going forward, Stockhausen says, "Jamaica needs to pay attention to their intellectual property. When you travel, we see products that say Jamaica but have nothing to do with Jamaica. The music, food etc. need to be protected to ensure the growth and viability of the country," Stockhausen said.

The Honourable John J. Issa

Chairman of SuperClubs

"I greatly regret that after 50 years of Independence we have not been able to reach a higher standard of education for our youth and full literacy and numeracy for our people. It is also very sad that after 50 years of Independence that we do not have a justice system that functions efficiently and expeditiously. There has also been serious deterioration in our civility towards one another.

I am hopeful that the occasion of our 50th anniversary of Independence will allow us to honestly reflect on the shortcomings of the past five decades in order to rectify these failures and use the coming decades to build a better Jamaica for ourselves, our children and their children."

Jean Lowrie-Chin

Public Relations and Communications Practitioner

Public Relations and Communications Practitioner and Author, Jean Lowrie-Chin said recognising Jamaica's jubilee is worth celebrating. Lowrie-Chin stated that while celebrating the country's 50th anniversary, Jamaicans must use the occasion to end the blame game and try to be more constructive and work towards a more productive country.

"Too much energy is used in rivalry. This kind of energy should be synergised and used to build a spirit of unity," Lowrie-Chen said.

Lowrie-Chin said we need to think of ourselves as Jamaicans and refrain from following a political party or a philosophy. "We need to focus on the protection and care of every Jamaican. The young and elderly are not getting the care they deserve and we need to lay down certain policies," Lowrie-Chin said.

These policies Lowrie-Chin said would help the country to move forward and that the governance is in place when these policies are put in place to ensure sustainability.