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Rat attack?

Published:Wednesday | June 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Farco producs, from left: ant powder, glue traps, insect spray and rat bait. Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer
  • FARCO Rapid Kill Rat & Mouse Bait is the solution

Have you noticed how many rats are running around in most communities these days? From downtown Kingston to Waterworks in Manor Park, upper St Andrew, rodents roam free.

Recently in Waterworks, I observed a few rats busily carrying out their domestic activities in five holes dug in the ground beside a building. This was an upscale townhouse complex. The rats of all sizes ran freely in and out of the holes. One really large rodent got brave and went across the street to rummage through the garbage, while another, scurried across the neighbouring verandah!

A national eradication drive is on but rats make rabbits appear barren given their prolific breeding habits. So, if you are now being plagued by rats, Kirk Distributors, the local agents for Farco Rapid Kill Rat & Mouse Bait, shared the following information about the use of their products.

Also available in the range of Farco are glue traps and ant powder.

Kirk Distributors is located at 216 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11/Phone:923-7011-7/Fax:023-4355

Rat attack?

Product Usage guide

1 FARCO Rapid Kill Rat & Mouse Bait is effective even where there is total resistance in the rat population.

2 FARCO Rapid Kill Rat & Mouse Bait is designed as a multi-feed bait - typically a rat must eat eight-10g of bait over a period of two-three days. Rats will avoid baits where they know that one of their number has died immediately after eating bait. This means that you will not reduce the rat population and the bait will be ineffective.

3 This product contains a bittering agent as a safety measure. Should a child try to eat the bait they will find that it is extremely bitter and will be impossible to swallow; this does not affect rats. If you believe a child has tried to eat the bait, medical attention should be sought. The product label should be given to the medical staff.

4 FARCO Rapid Kill Rat & Mouse Bait is packed in a plastic/foil/paper laminate sachet to protect it from damp and infestation by weevils.

5 It is recommended that the rat bait is placed in a 'bait station' to reduce the risk of nontarget animals or children being able to come into contact with the product. If the product is placed in the area where there are known to be rats, it is essential that the sachet is opened to allow the rats to locate the bait. The packaging is such that the rat will not be able to smell the bait in a sealed sachet.

6 The product should be placed wherever signs of rodents have been seen. Signs such as fresh droppings, gnaw marks or chewed goods. Rats usually feed at night.

7 If the FARCO Rapid Kill Rat & Mouse Bait is not immediately eaten, WAIT. It may be some days before the bait is eaten. Once the 'new' food and its container have been acc-epted by the rats, then they will feed from this bait point as normal.

8 If the rats have not eaten any of the bait after six-seven days, it is definitely in the wrong place. Remove it and reposition where rodent signs are clearly indicated.

9 Replace bait as soon as it has been eaten. Keep the bait station supplied with bait until there are no more signs of rodent activity,

10 If a dog or other pet has eaten the bait, take it to the veterinary surgeon together with the product label. It is unlikely that any harm will come to the animal; a dog must eat half a kilogram of bait for each kilogram of its body weight before it has a chance of ingesting enough poison to cause serious harm or death.