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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | June 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Breathing space

1. Quote of the Week: "Someone needs to tell Opposition MP and the former culture minister, enough already. We know she thinks she's God's gift to culture, but the Jamaican electorate voted her out of office, so she needs to give the new minister some breathing space."

How come?

2. It's a case of too much in your face for some, as they are asking how come the one who left under a cloud of suspicion concerning the administration of the national event is now acting like the 'sainted virgin' with all the answers.

Cops or internal probe?

3. Some in the party are not satisfied that the internal investigation will unearth the truth, so they are calling for the Fraud Squad to be called in. Others are opposed to any such move on the grounds that what any independent investigation would uncover would irreparably damage the party and its political fortunes way beyond the current and next political cycles.

War chest

4. Word is some are still in a daze as to just how the JLP lost the last general election, as it is now emerging that businesses and other private-sector entities donated a campaign war chest of $682 million.

Not enough

5. Some are now saying the removal of GCT from electricity rates is not enough, the Government, particularly the minister, should move post-haste to break the JPS's monopoly and the odious rates they charge customers, and the stranglehold it has on the Jamaican economy.

Major overhaul

6. With word that some of her so-called friends are wagging their tongues about her trip abroad, the socialite who had the little nip and tuck, and is not ashamed of saying so, is having the last laugh as she is looking like all that, while some of those talking are in need of a major overhaul.

All not well

7. Not all is well with the once-fine restaurant as patrons recently walked out in a huff, complaining loudly and bitterly about the tacky service and sub-standard food now the order of the day. And the recent walkout is not new either, as some time ago, there was another flare-up by customers who complained of being charged more for lesser portions.