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Kudos to Les Green

Published:Thursday | June 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I wish to use this medium to say a big thank you to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Les Green for the contribution he has made over the last eight years to policing in Jamaica, and to wish for him and his family continued success in their future endeavours.

I have known ACP Green personally for several years, and I can say that he has been a stalwart in our fight against crime since he was seconded to Jamaica from Scotland Yard in 2004.

He has played an integral role in modernising homicide assessment, especially with the use of forensics, as well as the handling of crime scenes. He has led the police to many successes in dealing with some of the most serious crimes, as well as some of the most feared criminals, since being appointed assistant commissioner in charge of serious and organised crime, and as head of the Criminal Investigation Branch and the Homicide Investigation Strategy Division.

Mr Green has also been involved in efforts to improve the communication and administrative systems of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to facilitate better tracking of persons on bail, which has been a major challenge for the JCF for many years.

His dedication to crime fighting, in general, and his commitment to policing is irrefutable and, despite his frankness, which has sometimes triggered controversy, especially within the ranks of the JCF, I think he has earned himself the admiration of most, if not all, Jamaicans.

I certainly hope that the professionalism and passion that characterised his job will not be lost on the younger members of the force, and that his service will be seen as an example for them to follow.

His decision to return home should not come as a surprise to me as following his replacement as head of the crime portfolio last year, there were hints that he would not renew his contract.

I hope that despite the many challenges, he and his family have had a memorable stay in Jamaica. I wish for them a rewarding return to their homeland and I hope that he will continue to make himself available to us for future consultations, if and when the need arises.



Former Minister

of National Security