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Published:Friday | June 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Students at Jessie Ripoll Primary School react after receiving news of their Grade Six Achievement Test results last year. - file

Do you think extra lessons for GSAT should be scrapped?

No, especially due to the fact that some of the teachers in the classroom are not doing a good job or seem to not care. If it wasn't for my extra class, I wouldn't have passed for Wolmer's, because the teacher was busy doing her own studies.

- Saccheen Laing

Not at all! What I think is that they should let the students leave primary school at the age of 13, bring the seventh grade to the primary level, and let high school start from eighth grade to the 12th grade.

- Lesleyhype Madthugz

No. It's modern times and people all over the world are using this method for GSAT/Eleven Plus. It's a good step.

- Rosalee Green

Extra lessons can be axed when the standards of the classroom teachers go up to a level where extra lessons are not needed.

- Johnoy Hickling

I don't understand why the children's educational needs are not being met in the traditional classroom. I can understand where a small percentage of children may need extra help, but the entire class? Something is wrong.

- Colleen Brown-Bullock

Creating your own overtime (with pay) by failing to perform your duties during regular teaching time should be a criminal act. I understand that some areas of the syllabus are only taught during EXTRA LESSONS. This makes it compulsory for students to attend these extra lessons.

What about those who cannot pay? Are they relegated to a life of poverty because they have been denied an equal opportunity?

Those slow students who are in need of extra lessons should have these lessons provided by the Government and volunteer teachers.

- Enos Anderson

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