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LETTER OF THE DAY - Homosexuality will destroy the traditional family

Published:Saturday | June 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I am compelled to address the issue of homosexuality in light of recent pictures of two gay marriages by Jamaicans overseas, comments by the United States deputy assistant secretary of state that Jamaica will not be allowed to move at its own pace in its acceptance of homosexuality, and the Archbishop of Accra's thoughts on the matter.

We are seeing the very powerful gay lobby in every facet of life, be it spiritual, social, economic, legal, cultural or political. What bothers me is the fact that those of us who do not subscribe to the lifestyle are vilified, seen as haters, and many have turned a blind eye or are afraid that the mighty USA and England will not continue to be generous to us. Many of us are prepared to sell our souls for 30 pieces of silver!

I went to college in the USA where I lived in girls' dormitories and apartments in Portland, Oregon, and Washington, DC. There were lesbians and men with men everywhere! I found many of them to be well-rounded individuals, having excellent interpersonal skills, but their jealously takes on blood-curdling, deadly and demonic proportions!

All the sexual problems of the heterosexual lifestyle pale in comparison to this lifestyle. I have seen enough, experienced enough of the nastiness and perversion as I interfaced with many of them, cried with them, helped some pick up the pieces of their lives, comforted some, saw deaths, including suicide.

This lifestyle is destructive and feeds on itself. It devours as it goes along.

Love for the lifestyle

Many homosexuals will tell you that they know it is wrong but they love the lifestyle, as it enables them to 'step up inna life'. There is much material gain. Others are so fierce and in your face that it is difficult to like them, much more love them, even if they are family friends or family members. But love them we must.

I have two grandchildren. What do I tell them when they come home and ask me why does little Ann or Sam have two mommies or two daddies?

I will teach my grandchildren not to hate, kill or maim them, but that individuals chose this lifestyle which will ultimately destroy families as we know it, and that for our family, homosexuality will never be okay.